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After biking, 3 of us stopped into Filiberto's for some grub. We were bored with our usual places, so, we thought we'd give it a try. Located in Bernalillo; absolutely the worst food I've ever had. Mexican? Most mex people would be ashamed to serve *** like this. What was that green, watery stuff on my food? Phlegm? Toxic waste? Certainly not guacamole.

One of us ordered the burrito; it arrived cooked like a 'wrap', soggy with oil, which smelled like it was a year old. The tortillas were also soggy. My carne asada was a bunch of little cubes of some sort of pseudo meat.

Really awful. Don't eat there, ever.

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I went to eat at this Filiberto's Mexican Food


2064 W. Southern Ave 85202 Mesa, Arizona

to order the special (2 tacos with a drink)& basically there was a loogie in my drink!

It was a fxcking loogie in my drink so yeah im grossed out right now about this......don't as me if I was being rude becasue all i did was order the special, pay the guy, and waited for my meal then boom! i had a slimy thick loogie in my drink

here the address stay away unless your into gross drinks and dirty feeling from the aftermath.

2064 W. Southern Ave 85202 Mesa, Arizona

I could of raised *** but what good what that do? We are in a time where we cannot even protest without being arrested and im not risking it!


It sounds to me like you are a restuant owner..You didn't fool anyone.


Well being as you said you were a biker, you're probably one of the ones where us people in cars wonder how your giant *** even fits on your bike.

You're probably used to some *** soaked in grease and bile, sorry it's a little more healthy than that.

That is called "healthy".. can you say it with me "health-y" ...very good.

Filiberto's is good. Only thing that sucks is their customer-service, and obviously, you.

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